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A placebo controlled, double-blind study on the efficacy of a nutritive
supplement containing embryonic peptides in treatment of mild to
moderate depressive mood.

Background: Embryonic oligopeptides might have a therapeutic effect in
the treatment of depressed mood.

Objectives: To investigate if a powder from fertilized eggs have a clinical
effect on patients with mild to moderate depressed mood

Methods: In the present comparative, randomized, placebo controlled,
double–blind, parallel group study we have investigated the effect of a
nutritive supplement containing embryonic peptides (YTE™) in the treatment of mood disorders. Patients with mild to moderate mood
disorders according to Hamilton rating scale (Ham-D) and Beck
Depression Inventory (BDI) were included in the study according to the

The patients were randomly assigned to receive placebo, Deprevent™
(YTE) or Deprevent™ Forte (YTE plus lemon balm extract) for 12 weeks. The
main outcome was change in the Ham-D total score from baseline to 12
weeks as well change in BDI from baseline to controls after 3, 6 and 12

Results: 57 patients concluded the study. It was a significant effect in favor
of the two active groups in the primary outcome measures as compared
to placebo. Between the two active groups, however, there was no
significant difference in the outcome measures, even if it was a weak
tendency in favor of the Deprevent™ forte group. There were no reports
of adverse effects in any of the groups during the study.

Conclusion: Based on the results from this study we conclude that these
nutritive supplements might have a place in the treatment of mood
disorders. With its excellent tolerability it might be an attractive
supplement to the drug treatments used today.  

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